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Sterling Moore


Cowboys Titans Football

If you ask me who on this roster would be the most underappreciated player, I would have to say without a doubt it is Sterling Moore. It has not mattered where he has had to line up or cover, he has shown the ability to do the job.

There were multiple snaps in the game on Sunday where he had to carry veterans Reggie Wayne and Hakeem Nicks in routes, and his positioning was exactly where he needed to be. It didn’t matter whether he was playing in man cover or zone at the time, he was right there. We in the media like to brag on the football intelligence of Orlando Scandrick — which is impressive — but I would put Moore in that very same category.

There were some snaps where the Colts tried to run the screen to his side, and you could tell by watching the tape that he knew by alignment what was coming his direction and once the ball was thrown he rallied to the play. What is also impressive about Moore is how physical he is on the outside when he gets up on his man in press coverage. He can be a difficult man to get around for a receiver because of how quick he is with his hands and feet.

As a matter of fact, the flag that he drew for hands to the face was a terrible call. He hit Hakeem Nicks in the chest with such force that it snapped Nicks’ head back and the official thought he hit him in the face, but he didn’t.

As much as this defense has had to face offenses that have played with multiple wide receiver sets, I could not begin to imagine where they would have been without him on the field – he has been that good of a player.”

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